Offers in Manchester

Local guide expert
Become a Loacal, earn money and Influence the way people travel in your city.
Freelance jobs
Are you a creative digital designer, video maker or copywriter?
Electrician / plumber / gardener
Earn as an electrician, gardner or cleaner in London.
Homeowner/Host/Home renter
Publish your house on Handiscover and earn money hosting disabled travellers.
Get paid to bring stuff via train, bus, car or plane to people
Language tutor
Teach a language and earn money continuously.
Earn money filling your car seats and meet people by sharing the journey
Homeowner/Host/Home renter
Rent out your house/room on Vrumi and earn quick and safe money
Food delivery
Deliver with Uber Eats. No boss. Flexible schedule. Quick pay.
Make money providing care services to pets
Tour guide
Do you want to be a tour guide in your city?
Start Earning with AnyVan
Earn money cleaning peoples houses.
Are you a writer, illustrator or a developer? Make money sharing your skills with new clients.
Online teacher
Teach the world online and make money
Kitchen Porter / Waitress / Bartender
Work as a waiter, bartender, host or kitchen porter in your city
Online handmade products seller
Sell everything handmade on Etsy. Start now!
Are you a freelancer? Join freelancer to get access to thousands of tasks
Language tutor
Share your knowledge been a language tutor and earn money.
Deliver perfect food to homes and offices everywhere.
Hospitality Worker
Do you want to be a gig worker in your city? Find many opportunities here.
Language teacher
Earn money teaching your language for interested students.
Work from home
Work as a freelancer and make money off simple gigs
Home renter
Rent rooms in your home for travelers and profit from it.
Animal care
Make money taking care of pets
Local guide/Insider
Have fun with tourists in your city and make money.
Freelance jobs
Are you a freelancer looking for new jobs? Join Upwork and find out new clients.
Pet sitter for dogs
Pet sit for dogs in your city and make money
Uber Driver - Partner
Enjoy as an Uber driver-partner, make money easily and choose your own schedule when working.
Courier/ Peyker
  £ 18 per Hour
Register today to be as an on-demand courier with Peyk.
Online expert
  £ 13 per Hour
Share your advice and knowledge on anything with anyone and get paid per minute. Sounds cool?
Parking space renter
Make money as a parking space owner in your city
Homeowner/Host/Home renter
Make easy money renting out your property with HomeAway
Homeowner/Host/Home renter
List your house with the worlds largest travel community and begin receiving money from it.
Homeowner/Host/Home renter
Become a host at Homestay, join a global community in 150 countries and start making money now
Local guide
Become a local tour guide and make good money
Homeowner/Host/Home renter
Rent out your property and earn an extra income.
Parking spot owner
Rent out your parking space.
Earn money by delivering items
Become a courier with Stuart and deliver stuff on your schedule.
Local guide/travel planner
Plan travels and earn good money!
Earn money as an Airbnb host accommodating verified guests from around the world
Dog walker / sitter
Are you a dog boarder, walk or sitter?
Pet sitter
Walk, sit and care for dogs
Dog Walker / Dog Sitter
Take on all kinds of pet-sittings jobs and make easy money on your own terms
Pet Sitter
Take up a pet sitting job and make money
Home Chef
Share your best dishes with hungry clientele in exchange for money
Vegan Chef / Host
Share healthy vegetarian meals with your guests and get paid green for green dishes
Local guide/Localist
Are you able to be a local guide in your city? Join Pick Your Day and start it now.
Homeowner/Host/Home renter
Earn extra cash hosting gay travellers from around the world
Language teacher
Teach your native language to students all over the world and earn good money!
Car owner/renter
Make money renting out your car and get paid weekly
Delivery driver
Make money bringing stuff for people during your travels
Share your journey with Liftshare and meet amazing people

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