Feeling stuck? Shake up your career with a gig economy job

It’s easy for work to consume our days as we find ourselves drowning in deadlines and quotas; before you know it, work is no longer part of life but considered life itself. Integrating work into your life with a gig economy job could be the life change you need to get out of the office and start making more time for family and friends. Clearly, there is something positive to be said about the sharing economy, as it’s estimated that almost half of the working population will have a gig economy job in 2020; what’s stopping you?

More accessible freelance work

Finding work is half the battle for gig workers; this is where Agenda Wallet could come to the rescue. The innovative platform acts as a personal agenda organizer for the gig economist, making it easier than ever to find and keep track of jobs in the city you live in. Our smart activity calendar will give you a better idea of your monthly monetary estimations and will also give you a visual representation of how you can increase your total earnings while also having a social life.

An opportunity to develop skills

In this day and age, you will need to have a variety of skills to survive in the job market. When asked about the key advantages of having a gig economy job, workers often cited how their gig economy job allowed them to develop certain skills that would be attractive to future employers. More creative freelance jobs such as content writing and journalism also allowed the user to create a full portfolio of work that showcases all of their talents.

Flexible work hours

How many times have you had to turn down experiences with family and friends due to prior work commitments? Gig economy jobs can give you control over your work life once again so that you can choose the hours that suit you. With Agenda Wallet, you can easily organise your jobs and the platform helps you to organise your work around your lifestyle.

Top up your savings

More than 2.8 million people worked in a gig economy job in 2018, many of which used those earnings to subsidise their current income. Gig economy work allows you to increase personal earnings, while also giving you the freedom to select jobs that you will actually enjoy doing.

Use technology to your advantage

The future of gig economy jobs looks bright and technology is only expected to make a worker’s life easier. Exciting things are expected for the future of Agenda Wallet and an innovative lifestyle and work organiser is expected to revolutionise the way gig workers operate. This is particularly useful for workers on the go, who want to easily organise their jobs on their mobile device and also find further work in their city.

If you’re looking for a life change, a gig economy job can be really exciting. Whether you’re making gig work your primary income or simply looking for a little extra work on the side, Agenda Wallet is a game changer when it comes to balancing your commitments and maximising your revenue.

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Feeling stuck? Shake up your career with a gig economy job


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