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Whether you are listing your beach home, an air mattress in your living room, or just your kitchen by the hour, we welcome all types of accommodations on Vegvisits! If you are a vegan or vegetarian, have a meat-free kitchen, and are excited to open up your home to guests, follow the steps to get started!

Create Your Listing

It’s free and easy to list your space! Customise the appearance of your listing to make it unique and your own!


Pictures help travellers imagine themselves staying with you and make them feel more comfortable in general, so upload as many as you like! If you are listing an overnight accommodation, be sure to include photos of where your guests will be sleeping, as well as the surrounding area. Give travellers a glimpse of what it would be like to visit — take pictures of local beaches, ski slopes, vegan/vegetarian restaurants, cafés and bakeries, farms, fruit trees, parks, hiking trails, farmers markets, and more. If you will be at the home with your guests, feel free to include pictures of your favourite meals, hobbies or anything that will tell travellers a little bit more about you! For best quality pictures for your listing, photos uploaded should be around 895 x 590px in size.


Make sure to provide as much detail as possible about your accommodation and the surrounding area, so travellers know exactly what they are getting before booking with you. The listing form has been divided into steps that will help you accomplish this! If you would like some help on how to make a great listing form, click `Learn more` below.


To protect your privacy, you are asked to provide the complete address as well as an approximate location of your accommodation. The complete address of your space will only be provided to Guests after you have confirmed their booking requests, and will not be seen by any other users of the platform. For the approximate location of your listing, do not provide your complete address, as this will be seen by all users searching for accommodations. Instead, please provide a location (road, park, store etc.) near you so travellers can get a good idea of the general location of your space.


It’s your accommodation, so you get to set the terms! You have the option to customise pricing for per night stays, weekly stays and monthly stays or your kitchen by the hour. You’re also in control of how and when you would like to be paid, as well as how you want to handle cancellations.


Set your calendar to reflect the availability of your accommodation. Select "Custom" and then “Open” for the nights of the week that your space is available to travellers. If you are listing your kitchen, select "Open" for each day of the week your kitchen is available for rent.

Respond To Booking Requests

Once your listing is live, you will begin to receive booking inquiries from vegans and vegetarians around the world! We have made it easy for you to exchange messages with potential guests through our secure messaging system. Be sure to take a look at their profiles and ask any questions you want answered before confirming their bookings. You will have 48 hours to confirm or deny their requests.

Get Paid

We’ve set up the platform for in-person payments to keep with the local and personal feel of our community and to make travelers feel more comfortable. However, you certainly have the option of collecting your payment from guests in advance of their stay. Some hosts choose to accept most of the payment in person, but require a small, non-refundable deposit be made upfront to protect themselves against cancellations. It’s your preference, but be sure to coordinate these transactions with your guests prior to their arrival.

Welcome Your Guests

It’s showtime! Make sure your place is neat and clean to ensure happy guests, and use our secure messaging system to arrange for your guest’s arrival. Visit our Q&A page for tips on how to be an amazing host

Write a Review

Once your guest has departed, you will receive an email from us to review this traveler. These reviews will appear on their profiles so other hosts can make more informed decisions. Guests will also have the opportunity to leave you a review, which will then appear on your listing profile. The Vegvisits community relies on the quality and accuracy of reviews – we value your honesty!

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Share healthy vegetarian meals with your guests and get paid green for green dishes





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