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Syft is the leading temporary jobs agency providing part time job vacancies in the hospitality, events & industrial sectors. We’re proud to offer all Syfters a pay rate well above the industry average as we believe your hard work should be rewarded fairly. You’ll receive your wages weekly, including holiday pay.

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At Syft, you’re not alone. You’re joining a professional community where you’ll progress and meet new people. We host parties across the year because everyone should celebrate a job well done!

Choose When and Where You Work

You’re in charge on your schedule: choose when and where you work, no minimum shifts required. Whether you’re a student looking for part time job vacancies or just enjoy being your own boss, the Syft platform is designed to fit in with your lifestyle and to give you power over flexible shifts.

Build Your Career At Your Pace

We recognise that you`ll improve your skills and gain experience as you work more shifts. You can get verified for new roles, take up professional training, and more, maximising your future prospects.

Work more shifts, get more perks!

From gadgets to toiletries, groceries to the cinema, we provide Syfters with hundreds of exclusive offers and savings on a variety of top brands. As you take on more shifts, you’ll gain access to even more new deals. What are you waiting for!

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