Deliver at your rates; your hours; in your territory; your way.

What is Street Stream? Street Stream is a new way for messengers and couriers to receive jobs. Customers can "hail" or pre-book couriers via the Street Stream website. Once couriers have registered and gone through our verification process, couriers can receive job details through the Street Stream Courier App for iPhone. Whether you are a foot messenger, bicycle messenger, a cargo bike owner, a motorcycle courier or a man with a van, you can apply to join the platform and after a verification process you can start receiving work. If you have an established courier company you can pick up extra point-to-point jobs through Street Stream. Or you can work as an individual and be your own boss. Key Benefits: Freedom Set your own rates, hours, territory and jobs that suit you. Flexibility Go from being off-duty to on-duty and vice-versa at the click of a switch. Change your hours, fees or areas at short notice Get paid promptly, a higher than typical proportion of payment from normal courier work Payment is weekly via Stripe. Aside from the small payment processing fee to Stripe this is the only cost to the courier.


Work as a courier, drive around your city and make money with Street Stream.





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