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Nimber is a community of bringers that make use of spare capacity to deliver for others. By coming together we can reduce the cost of delivery, make the world a greener place, help others whilst making money on the way. Join the community today, and start: - Making money from your spare capacity - Helping others - Making the world more sustainable There are different ways to get started. Chose the path that is right for you: Verified Bringer - complete an online application. This is the simplest way to get started. Ideal for casual bringers, delivering from time to time. Super Bringer - complete an online application The way forward for very frequent bringers, individuals and professionals. Added verification and additional driver information means more even more deliveries. Nimber Bringer - Online + Onsite (face to face) The most complete on-boarding process for those that want early access to more tasks, more opportunities to earn money. A personal interview, a more stringent verification process and a personal touch (by invitation).

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